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Excel @ Sudoku is a fun and easy way to enjoy playing Sudoku. Interestingly, you can create and solve your own puzzles using the Microsoft Excel environment.

Excel @ Sudoku uses MS Excel spreadsheets to make puzzles. You can create the entire puzzle yourself, or the program can create a puzzle for you to solve.

For some quick games, you can do small puzzles by selecting a few cells or solve big ones by selecting more cells whenever you want to. You can also add puzzles from sites, books, newspapers and other sources and solve them inside the spreadsheet.

The program also supports providing hints for created games. The hints are number options for each cell which are displayed at the top. Hints can be hidden or shown.

This Sudoku game also has an unlimited undo function for returning to the previous action of your puzzle. What's more, puzzles created using Excel @ Sudoku are print-ready because they are in the Excel spreadsheet form, so that you can bring the puzzles with you.

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